Sea Foam Motor Treatment/Cleaner Review

Sea Foam Motor Treatment/Cleaner Review

If you ask an old-timer what the best product for cleaning your engine is, they will most likely tell you all about Sea Foam. This product has been around for almost a hundred years. It was originally created by marine mechanics and the 1930s for use in boat engines.

Back then boat engines were even more troublesome than they are today, and they were prone to develop a lot of issues. When you have an engine that is running for hours at a time in harsh, salty ocean environments, then all sorts of performance issues can arise.

Holding Sea Foam Motor Treatment/Cleaner

The mechanics solution to this was to create an all natural products which they could inject directly into the engine. This product would be able to clean all of the carbon deposits, and oil residue from the combustion chambers.

About The Product

It worked so well on boats that the mechanics would bring it home and use it on their cars and other small engine equipment. Once they realized that it worked great for these as well, they begin marketing it as an all-purpose fuel system cleaner. There are few products on the market that have the reputation that Sea Foam has acquired. 

After you treat your engine with this product, you will notice a huge increase in both performance and fuel economy. It will run through your entire fuel system and clean all the residue that is preventing your vehicle from reaching peak performance.

It is safe, all-natural, and has been trusted for almost a century. Let’s take an in-depth look at some of the features and check out what others have to say about this product.


  • Simple and easy to use
  • All-natural 100% petroleum product
  • Has the EPA’s stamp of approval
  • plus-circle
    Blasts away all gunk and engine contaminates

What We Like

Our favorite feature by far is how simple and easy to use that this product is. Other competing products that we've used are far too complicated. Although they look fancy and their designers mean well, sometimes the best product is the easiest product.

To use Sea Foam, all you need to do is take the cap off and pour it directly into your fuel tank. There are no fancy tubes or extra contraptions that you need to use this product. It's simple and straightforward.

One small can is enough to treat your entire fuel tank. If you have a large truck with a bigger fuel tank, then you may need two cans, but for most cases, one can will take care of you.

EPA Approved

The Environmental Protection Agency is a very strict organization. There are few products that will ever earn their stamp of approval. However, Sea Foam is one of the few products that has managed to get this stamp of approval.

This company has been around almost a hundred years and has a proven track record of increasing vehicle performance and saving people money that the EPA had no choice but to approve them.


Sea Foam is an all natural, 100% petroleum product. This means that it is perfectly safe to use on any engine that you may have. Your boat engine, your car's engine, and even your lawn mower are all candidates to be cleaned.

Sea Foam Motor Treatment/Cleaner Commercial

If you buy a large can of Sea Foam, then you can use it for your entire household. You won't have to go out and buy 20 other products. The other great benefit of using an all-natural cleaner is that it is safe to use on older engines.

The problem with most modern motor treatment systems is that they have a lot of harsh chemicals and then that can be harmful to older, more delicate engines. Sea Foam is safe enough to use in your grandfather's 50-year-old tractor.

Thorough Cleaning Power

Even though this is an all natural product and doesn't have the fancy additives that are present and most synthetic fuel injector cleaners, Sea Foam gets the job done every time.

Time and time again it performs as good if not better as its modern-day competitors. After using this product, you are guaranteed to have a significant boost and power and fuel atomization. Your fuel will burn cleaner, and you won't have to worry about rough idling and hesitation anymore.

What We Don’t Like

The one thing that may turn some people away from this product is that it can be very messy. Because it is an all petroleum product, and when you drive around after putting this product in your fuel tank, your exhaust system will most likely put out billowing clouds of white smoke.

This is nothing to worry about and is just the Sea Foam blowing out all of the junk in your fuel system. However, it can be quite alarming if the neighbors see it. They might think that your car is about to blow up.

When you use synthetic cleaners, you don’t have to worry about this as much since they are specifically designed not to produce the excess smoke. While this isn’t a dealbreaker, it’s still something to be aware of, so don’t get scared if you see a bunch of smoke after using this product.

What Others Say

Over 92% of all buyers give Sea Foam a four or five-star rating on Amazon. Thousands of people have reviewed this product to say how much money that is has saved them in the long run, and how it has increased their vehicles fuel economy and horsepower. You can go to about any mechanic shop in the country, and they will tell you the same thing as well.

Sea Foam Motor Treatment/Cleaner


Buying Advice

Although you can find Sea Foam at most stores, you can get a special deal if you buy it on Amazon. They recently slashed the price from $12, and now you can get a can of Sea Foam delivered to your doorstep for less than $7. It’s also Prime eligible. That means that within two days your car could be running like a brand new machine again.

Final Verdict

Sometimes, it's best to take advice from the old guys. Sea Foam has a proven record, and few competitors can say that they've been in business for almost a century. You can walk into most American garages, and they will tell you all about this product. There's a reason so many people trust it.

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